The Continuing Adventures of Something or Other

Wakey Wakey! Eggs & Bakey!

While the party slept, a group of Redbrands had been ordered to eliminate the adventurers, while a group subdued the Tolben and his family a 2nd group climb the stairs and attempted to catch the party off guard, luckily the only member of the group that was aware of his surrounding was Alister and the other were able to dispatch the group of 3 Redbrands with relative ease

Downstairs in the tavern’s main room 2 more thugs were smashing up the furniture, ripping curtains down and generally wrecking the place, this was apparently the price Tolben was paying for harbouring the group, 2 guarded the door and 1 holding Tolben hostage

In the ensuing chaos of fight a warning that Tolben’s life would be cut short if the adventurer’s did not stand down was ignored and his throat was slit, Yolandi, in reaction this put an arrow through the attacks eye. Thankfully the quick actions of Alister, now fully awake, were able to stabalise, stem the bleeding and heal Tolben using Lay on Hands, and the man came back to consciousness, albeit with a jagged scar across his neck.

Continuing outside the group find a human male surrounded by four redbrand soldiers, the man looked horrifically disfigured with open cuts across his face and arms crudely stapled and stitched together, looking closer you could see that each section of his skin was different pigments and his left hand was slightly bigger than his right, with a polite request “could you folks give me a hand with these gents, that would be fantastic” the party helps the stitched man to eliminate the thugs.

With quick introductions, the man is called Alatar, or more often than not he gets called stitches or patches, which he is perfectly at piece with due to the nature of his appearance.



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