The Continuing Adventures of Something or Other

To Phandalin!

Escorting Sildar to Phandalin the group did not come across any other dangers, upon entering the town they found and delivered the wagon to Barthen and ate, drank and slept at the inn, the next day they visit the small folk of the town and began a to-do list, at the top of this list to deal with the Redbrand mercenaries that were keeping the town subjugated to their heavy handed rule. They were told that the town master, Harbin Wester, was doing nothing to challenge this ruthless thugs. An adventuring Elven wizard by the name of Melendor (Lord of the Sky) introduced himself to the group, eager to join them, hearing about the magical properties of the Wave Echo Cave and what they can offer to his studies, He joined the party, with a grimace from Yolandi, who has a natural resentment for full blooded Elves. They learned of the hideout from various members of the township and that they frequent a pub near the ruins of the old manor, on their way to the manor Yolandi convinced the group to try to burn down the pub, unable to do so from the outside due to a heavy downpour they threw burning torches through the windows to the anger and dismay of the Dwarven landlady who shouted them away, and they headed towards the manor.



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