The Continuing Adventures of Something or Other

Once More Unto The Breach

The group, now one member stronger head back towards the manor and descend back into the depth of the Redbrand Hideout, taking a moment to dispatch the two guards from a distance that had been posted outside the entrance.

Back in a familiar room with a flowing cistern and many barrels of grain and other dried goods, Yolandi searched the room hoping to find something of interest, she came across a door to the south west of the room, impossible to see unless 5 feet from it, she found a catch which allowed the door to swing open, before they left this room they burst through a second door to the north of the room to find a make shift barracks with two thigs in and take care of them Firkin taking a few licks from them.

They headed back to the, now not so secret door, and headed to the next area a huge cavernous mainly ruined room, looking like there was a cave in many years ago which created a 20 foot deep crevasse in the centre and rather than fill it in a repair 2 wooden bridge had been contrasted to navigate the drop.

In their searching of this area Yolandi and Patches heard whispers in the dark, though they did not enter their mind through their ears but manifested themselves like they were thinking someone else’s thoughts “feed me”, “ I need meat”



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