Male "Human" Sorcerer


Years ago there was a cult of liches obsessed with creating the next step in lich evolution – a perfect being. Through secret channels and dark words they circulated rumors of a great magical artefact guarded deep within their catacombs. Tens of wizards, clerics and sorcerers came to plunder this fictitious treasure, only to be unceremoniously cut down by the group of obsessed monsters. From these corpses the liches set to work, carving out chunks of the magical of flesh and stitching them together into humanoid shapes and designs. Countless attempts failed, being unable to hold onto the liches bestowed magiks… until one of the more zealous liches added almost all of his own essence to a cadaver in a desperate bid for progress. The body stirred and snapped open mismatched eyes, greeting his creator with a barrage of uncontrolled magics, annihilating the catacombs in a blaze of blue flames… some lich fled, but those close to the eye of the magical storm were found years later with with expressions of pride and fear etched onto their charred skeletal grimaces.

After days of digging and struggle the monster’s monster emerged, a crude mosaic of mismatched skin and a mangle of scars, but alive.

Containing a patchwork soul the creation has no fate spun shackles, no purpose or place in a greater destiny – instead he wanders the earth revelling in the chaos of a destiny free life – rumors know him as stitches for obvious reasons, but he adopted the name of a common wizard alatar, after fleeting shadows of memories surfaced from parts of his weaved together brain.

Attitude is largely happy go lucky, but occasionally manipulative for the sake of fun or curiosity. He recognising he distorts the fates of those he meets he views people as interesting variables he can play with, else he might feel guilty for ruining the destiny of everyone around him.


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