The Continuing Adventures of Something or Other

Once More Unto The Breach

The group, now one member stronger head back towards the manor and descend back into the depth of the Redbrand Hideout, taking a moment to dispatch the two guards from a distance that had been posted outside the entrance.

Back in a familiar room with a flowing cistern and many barrels of grain and other dried goods, Yolandi searched the room hoping to find something of interest, she came across a door to the south west of the room, impossible to see unless 5 feet from it, she found a catch which allowed the door to swing open, before they left this room they burst through a second door to the north of the room to find a make shift barracks with two thigs in and take care of them Firkin taking a few licks from them.

They headed back to the, now not so secret door, and headed to the next area a huge cavernous mainly ruined room, looking like there was a cave in many years ago which created a 20 foot deep crevasse in the centre and rather than fill it in a repair 2 wooden bridge had been contrasted to navigate the drop.

In their searching of this area Yolandi and Patches heard whispers in the dark, though they did not enter their mind through their ears but manifested themselves like they were thinking someone else’s thoughts “feed me”, “ I need meat”

Wakey Wakey! Eggs & Bakey!

While the party slept, a group of Redbrands had been ordered to eliminate the adventurers, while a group subdued the Tolben and his family a 2nd group climb the stairs and attempted to catch the party off guard, luckily the only member of the group that was aware of his surrounding was Alister and the other were able to dispatch the group of 3 Redbrands with relative ease

Downstairs in the tavern’s main room 2 more thugs were smashing up the furniture, ripping curtains down and generally wrecking the place, this was apparently the price Tolben was paying for harbouring the group, 2 guarded the door and 1 holding Tolben hostage

In the ensuing chaos of fight a warning that Tolben’s life would be cut short if the adventurer’s did not stand down was ignored and his throat was slit, Yolandi, in reaction this put an arrow through the attacks eye. Thankfully the quick actions of Alister, now fully awake, were able to stabalise, stem the bleeding and heal Tolben using Lay on Hands, and the man came back to consciousness, albeit with a jagged scar across his neck.

Continuing outside the group find a human male surrounded by four redbrand soldiers, the man looked horrifically disfigured with open cuts across his face and arms crudely stapled and stitched together, looking closer you could see that each section of his skin was different pigments and his left hand was slightly bigger than his right, with a polite request “could you folks give me a hand with these gents, that would be fantastic” the party helps the stitched man to eliminate the thugs.

With quick introductions, the man is called Alatar, or more often than not he gets called stitches or patches, which he is perfectly at piece with due to the nature of his appearance.

The Redbrand Hideout

The manor laying in ruins they enter the cellar door from the former kitchen, and descend. The group, led by Yolandi, made their way through the crypt like under grove of the ruined manor, Yolandi managing to avoid and covered pit trap, the other being less than nimble falling down and mainly bruising their pride. They fought 3 animated skeletons, Firkin using his divine power to force them to turn and flee from him.

The group managed to destroy the skeletons, with a rattling of now inanimate bones, taking little damage thanks to Firkin's divine power. 

They entered a door to the north of the room immediately being attacked by 2 redbrand ruffians who, hearing the fighting from the door beyond, hid to either side of the door, Yolandi taking a lot of damage and almost falling to her knees, however they managed to fight off these 2 thugs and find a mother with her daughter in a cell to the south of the room and her son in a cell to the north of the room.

Realising the amount of damage that they had taken they decided to safely get the mother and her children out of this dungeon and take a night to carry on, en route back to the tavern the women reveals herself as the wife of a murdered man that the group had heard rumour of.

The group take her and her children to the inn to recover and they get a room for the night.

To Phandalin!

Escorting Sildar to Phandalin the group did not come across any other dangers, upon entering the town they found and delivered the wagon to Barthen and ate, drank and slept at the inn, the next day they visit the small folk of the town and began a to-do list, at the top of this list to deal with the Redbrand mercenaries that were keeping the town subjugated to their heavy handed rule. They were told that the town master, Harbin Wester, was doing nothing to challenge this ruthless thugs. An adventuring Elven wizard by the name of Melendor (Lord of the Sky) introduced himself to the group, eager to join them, hearing about the magical properties of the Wave Echo Cave and what they can offer to his studies, He joined the party, with a grimace from Yolandi, who has a natural resentment for full blooded Elves. They learned of the hideout from various members of the township and that they frequent a pub near the ruins of the old manor, on their way to the manor Yolandi convinced the group to try to burn down the pub, unable to do so from the outside due to a heavy downpour they threw burning torches through the windows to the anger and dismay of the Dwarven landlady who shouted them away, and they headed towards the manor.

A Unexpected Partnership

Alister Firebane, Firkin Rockseeker & Yolandi while in Neverwinter were told by Gundren Rockseeker, Firkin's cousin, that he'd made an incredible discovery and to meet him in the town of Phandalin south of the Neverwinter woods. Gundrun went ahead of the party in the company of Sildar Hallwinter, a retired fighter and soldier. He had business in Phandalin, a meeting with Iarno Albrek. The group left Neverwinter with a wagon of goods for Barthen's Provisions, the main trading post in Phandalin, with payment to be received on delivery. 2 days into their journey they came across 2 dead horses on the road, on investigation they discovered they were the horses of Gundren and Sildar. After inspecting the dead horses the group were ambushed by 4 goblins, which they dispatched easily only taking a few cuts and scrapes.

The group decided to follow the goblins trail and cane across a cave nestled away, they set up camp and planned how they would deal with what might come, they killed the 2 goblins on watch outside and entered the cave Yolandi calmed the chained wolves in the room just off the entrance, looking further into the cave they saw the source of the river outside, above a bridge connecting 2 tunnels, Yolandi silently dispatched the goblin patrolling the bridge, who fell into the rushing water and passing by their feet. They continued up into the cave and found an area with 2 dammed pools of water, ready to flush out intruders.

They found the leader of the goblins, a bugbear named Klarg, killed him, his guard, and his pet wolf, however one goblin was able to escape despite the efforts of Alister falling in his arse. In further inspection of the cave they found another group of goblins with a human captive, after killing this group, Yolandi almost felling the leader with one arrow, and Alister severely debilitating the main group with his icy dragon breath, they discovered that the human prisoner was Sildar Hallwinter, capture on the road and split up from Gundren.


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